Digital Story: Susanna Dickinson

In this unit students can chose to create a story book like this one that gives personal encounters from historical figures from the Alamo. Students can pre-write an essay, and copy in the post important parts to their digital story book that looks like this one. Students will have ample resources, such as a field trip, myself, textbooks, and access to computers.

They can choose any of the following significant individuals, such as William B. Travis, James Bowie, David Crockett, Juan N. Seguin, Placido Benavides, or Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.

The assignment is based off of the question — if the Alamo walls could talk, who would be talking, and what would they say? I want students to engage with how the individuals were feeling, and what history was being created throughout these individual’s time at the Alamo. Students have the option to submit their final project in either through a podcast, a letter, or a digital story book like this one.

I study early childhood education at Texas State University, and aspire to engage young minds.

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